Food Processing Concepts

Based on 20 years’ experience, FPC develops and produces specialized equipment for the food industry that significantly increases the output of the production process through faster processes and improved working conditions.

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Clean Air Act

The FPC Clean Air Act has been developed for use in a large variety of baking and cooking processes. The system provides the perfect combination of vapor extraction and cleaning, and has many food industry applications.

Clean Air Optimizer

The FPC Clean Air Optimizer air purification technology is an innovative and unique after-treatment based on an electrochemical high-voltage catalyser.

Food Styler

The FPC Food Styler, a revolutionary development in the field of grill-marking in the food industrie. The FPC Food Styler can create lines, squares and even logos on a wide range of products.

High Speed Link Cooker

The unique FPC High Speed Link Cooker provides a very fast method of cooking a line of sausage products. With the FPC High Speed Link Cooker, a high capacity of products can be cooked and browned in a continuous process.

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