Manufacturer in the food industry? Clean baking fumes during your preparation process with FPC machines. We have everything you need.

Optimise your process with us
You want to keep the production environment in your company as clean as possible. So does the air, which we contribute to with our baking fume cleaning machines. While your working environment remains free of irritating fumes, outside odours and emissions are significantly reduced. No matter how specific your own production machines are: our range of machines is wide enough for a solution that fits seamlessly into your process.

Solutions for every business
Our customers include both SMEs and multinationals. Think of producers in meat and fish processing, who use our machines during pre-cooking and cooking of convenience products. We also install our machines at producers in the potato industry for the cleaning of baking fumes during pre-frying of wedges and Chips, for example.

Cleaning of baking fumes: 100%
a FPC job
Your production process has to keep running, besides, your technical department is busy enough as it is. That is why we take everything off your hands for baking fume cleaning. More than a machine builder, we are the partner who supports you completely, including with the piping systems between the machines. And, of course, we remain involved even after installation, to ensure an optimal return on your investment.