Improve and speed up your food processing production process with FPC installations. Lifting and tilting, feeding and vibrating: everything runs as smoothly as it does hygienically.

FPC Elevating Conveyer
The transport of your products gets a boost with the FPC Elevating Conveyer 600/1850. The conveyor is easy to move thanks to its castors and has a large hopper with space for about 500kg of products. Moreover, the system is leak-proof, made entirely of stainless steel and easy to clean. The latter thanks to an ingenious system that allows you to unfold the belt and detach it from the guides.

FPC Hydraulic Tipper
Feel free to call it robust, the FPC Hydraulic Tipper. The tipper lifts a container containing the products above a hopper, after which two powerful pistons tilt the container and the products end up in the hopper of the conveyor. The FPC Hydraulic Tipper has a maximum loading weight of 1,200 kilograms and is easy to operate. Three buttons, positioned on both sides: anyone can work with it.

FPC Vibration Module
The FPC Vibration Module 0600/1000 adds an equally versatile and robust vibrating screen to your production process. Three different levels ensure optimal product dispersion, while fixed settings per product let you quickly switch between programmes. The uneven weight distribution in the motors generates centrifugal force. This movement is then transferred to the module housing. By adjusting the speed of the motor and the weight distribution, the module can produce vibrations of different frequencies and amplitudes, making it useful for various applications and products. Our machine is even suitable for marinated products such as wings
and drumsticks.