Cleaning baking fumes in food processing production: that requires specific machinery. For solutions like the ones FPC implements for you.

Tell us where you want to go
Every business has its own process, just as yours does. So, our collaboration starts with your story. We listen, ask questions, want to know where you want to go. That understanding is indispensable, only then will we arrive at the solution that fits your process 100%. Can we get to work for you? Then it’s up to FPC, where we do everything possible to ensure that you will soon
benefit from optimal cleaning technology.

We are your one-stop shop
Think of Food Processing Concepts as your one-stop shop. We have our own CAD systems with which we design and take care of assembly ourselves. We always keep sufficient stock at our production site which guarantees delivery times and can install any machine ourselves. And if the worst comes to the worst? Then know that we will come directly to your site wherever it is.

Scaling up quickly? No problem
At Food Processing Concepts, we are ready for any project. No matter how big it becomes. We
control the entire process and can scale up quickly thanks to a flexible pool of experienced
professionals. Our own production location will not be a problem: it is equipped with all the
necessary equipment and machines.

Over 40 years of experience
Our company is located in Oisterwijk, close to Eindhoven. We started here in 2005, with over 20
years of experience in mechanical engineering under our belt by then. So many years later, we
are a company with specific knowledge and our portfolio includes machines at numerous
customers all over the world. And while all those machines are running there, we are gearing up
for new projects.