The FPC Clean Air Optimizer AC makes cleaning baking fumes almost optimal. This is based on the harmless product activated carbon, which is highly suitable for adsorption. As the activated carbon retains more and more gas molecules during air treatment, the air becomes cleaner and cleaner. And in such a way that the impact of odour is virtually eliminated.

  • 92% less emission of odours and VOCs (volatile organic compounds)
  • No moving parts, no maintenance required
  • Only need to replace the activated carbon once every ≈2 years
  • High quality cleaning with a non-hazardous product

The FPC Clean Air Optimizer OZ cleans the baking vapours released during processes including:

  • Deep fryers
  • Contact ovens
  • Convection ovens
  • Grill ovens
  • Smoke chambers

Combined with the other FPC Clean Air machines, the FPC Clean Air Optimizer OZ meets the
standards for your industry,
such as:

  • DIN EN 13725 / 15259
  • BImSchG
  • BAFU
  • NER
  • IFDM

Curious about the possibilities?