The FPC Food Styler offers a revolutionary development in grill marking in the food industry. This machine uses laser technology to create lines, diamonds, names, and logos on a large number of products.

The FPC Food Styler transfers these patterns onto the product in a contactless way. The product is not pressed, which reduces the moisture loss to a minimum. With a stepless and exact power setting, the lines and logos are transferred onto the product, without the danger of burns. The FPC Food Styler is very flexible and can transfer any pattern onto the product. Setting the new program is fast and easy.

The FPC Food Styler prevents fumes and odours in the production area.

The machine can be integrated into a production line, but the FPC Food Styler can also be set up as a stand-alone unit.


  • High yield
  • No contact
  • No burned spots
  • Flexible programming
  • Low energy consumption
  • Clean working area
  • Easy to operate and clean